In the US, while landing crashed and burned bomber world war II B-17 ‘Flying fortress’: there are victims (PHOTOS, VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

В США при посадке разбился и сгорел бомбардировщик времен Второй мировой B-17 'Летающая крепость': есть жертвы (ФОТО, ВИДЕО) (ФОТО)

The bomber during the Second world war Boeing B-17 “Flying fortress” crashed in Connecticut in the United States in the territory of Bradley international airport.

As reported by the airport authority in his Twitter, the plane which the incident occurred belonged to a private non-profit Foundation Collings Foundation, which is dedicated to preserving the samples aircraft and cars, who played a significant role in history. At the moment the airport is closed, there are investigative actions.

According to the Federal aviation administration, the B-17 bomber crashed upon landing and on the sixth runway airport and caught fire. The incident occurred at about 10:00 East coast time USA (17:00 GMT).

The CNN reports that the crash of the bomber injured at least six people. They were taken to the hospital in Hartford. How many people were aboard the vintage airliner is not specified.

B-17, known as the “Flying fortress”, was developed in the 1930-ies the American company Boeing. In total, there were built more than 12.7 thousand aircraft of various modifications. They continued to operate until 1945.