In the US you can legally buy a grenade: personal experience of a Russian immigrant

The theme of weapons in the United States is very ambiguous. Some cities are becoming havens for people owning guns, while others on the contrary try to minimize the number of weapons among the population. If the gun you can buy in a gun store, what about explosives? Found out the author of the blog “American” with “Yandex.Zen”.

В США можно легально купить гранату: личный опыт русскоязычного иммигранта

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Hereinafter in the first person.

I again drove to the gun shop next door and asked if I can get grenades, how much will it cost and is it legal?

The first thing that told me the seller — U.S. law prohibits the sale of any explosives, whether dynamite or a grenade, the ordinary citizens. So legally the grenade did not buy, only if
black market, but we are law — abiding citizens- therefore not an option.

But if you really can not wait to buy the grenade and make the explosion, the output is still there, is completely legitimate.

Where in the US you can legally buy grenades?

There is a special organization, one of the largest located in Texas that are over a certain amount will sell you a grenade, or even explosives, say more, even the grenade projectile.

But with one “BUT”! The company has its own landfill, anyone can come there and pay for the explosives or grenade, but to pick her up and go home — not! After payment of the grenade you have to go to the range and after a short briefing you, under the supervision of an instructor, can undermine a grenade, or even a shot from a grenade launcher.

The cost of one grenade and the services of an instructor will cost $70-$100, so technically to buy a grenade you can, but to blow it only in the presence of an instructor and only at the site.

If you like experiments — on the ground with them, you can bring any items for further erosion. For example you have an old washing machine and you have passion as I wonder what will happen to her if you blow up a grenade inside? Please bring it with you and blow up as much as you want. But under supervision.

So even explosives in the United States relatively affordable.

The original column published in the blog “American” with “Yandex.Zen”.

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