In the USA again: what do we know


В США снова стреляют: что об этом известно

In the United States at least seven police officers were injured during the shooting Wednesday, August 14, in the Northern part of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania). It is reported by the police Department of the city in Twitter.

Law enforcement officers clarify that six policemen received gunshot wounds. Several employees received additional injuries. One policeman allegedly injured in a traffic accident on the way to the scene.

Shooting continued for half an hour, reports channel ABC News. Fire is one person. According to the broadcaster, the suspect periodically makes four to six shots.

Police attempted to engage him in negotiations.

The police are trying to contact the shooter and convince him to surrender to avoid wounding other people”, — stated in the statement of the local police in Twitter.

It is noted that the shooting began after the police conducted in the building in an operation to arrest drug traffickers.

As previously reported “FACTS”, the US President Donald trump has blamed video games and mental illness in mass shootings in the country. This statement he made after a series of shooting incidents in the United States. So, on the night of August 4 Connor Betts opened fire with a rifle near one of the bars in downtown Dayton, Ohio. The shooter killed nine and wounded 26 people. The offender eliminated within minutes. Two more happened in Chicago, Illinois and El Paso, Texas. The first attack injured seven people, the second — 20 people died, dozens were injured. Texas shooter was expressed commitment to right-wing extremists and said that he opposes the “Latin American invasion” in the United States.

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