In the USA testing the system remote doping control

В США тестируют систему дистанционного допинг-контроля

Anti-doping Agency of the USA (USADA) testing the virtual doping control. Reported by the New York Times.

Screening of athletes for doping has become almost impossible because of the isolation caused by the pandemic coronavirus. In this regard, the organization began to seek a way out of a difficult situation.

It is noted that the conclusions will be based on the temperature of the urine sample.

Virtual testing will be carried out via video link: the athlete receives the necessary equipment in the mail, and then with the help of a video call are satisfied with doping officer tour that the employee was convinced that no one but the athlete in the room no.

After that, removing the camera, the athlete passes a urine sample and immerse into the sample temperature strip to show the freshness of the analysis.

To take a blood test the athlete on camera shows how the hand is placed on a special device resembling a poker chip. Clicking on it leads to a shot, which is enough to take a blood test.

All of the above measures have been calculated for the next 8 weeks. The first new procedure have been Olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky and Lilly king.