In the USA there have been 3 mass shooting per day: one person killed, 28 injured

At least 28 people suffered gunshot wounds in three separate incidents in three States on Sunday, according to CNN.

В США произошло 3 массовых расстрела за сутки: один человек убит, 28 ранены

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As of Monday morning, law enforcement authorities in all three incidents was not arrested and did not call the suspects. The investigators asked witnesses and those who have information or videos to contact the authorities.

13 people were wounded in Chicago at the funeral

In Chicago, 13 people were shot and wounded while visiting a memorial event dedicated to the memory of the victims of the shooting, who died earlier this year. Police reported that the shooting occurred on Sunday afternoon, after the funeral began to quarrel.

“In the house the shots were fired, everyone started to disperse,” said Waller.

The victims range in age from 16 to 48 years received various injuries and were taken to the district hospital. As of Sunday 4 victims were in critical condition, reported on the website of the Chicago police alert about the incidents.

Information about the suspects is not available, but police reported that he had questioned two people.

According to a press release by the Chicago police Department, the police also arrested a man who escaped from the area of the shooting, who was accused of unlawful use of weapons. Police could not confirm that his arrest was connected with the shooting. It needs to appear before the court on Monday.

Sunday afternoon, Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot made a statement in connection with the incident.

“This kind of violence in our city is simply unacceptable,” said Lightfoot reporters after attending the shooting victims and their families.

She urged anyone with information to report it, adding that “in this room know exactly who was shot.”

7 people were injured at a nightclub in Baltimore

“Within a few hours after the shooting in Chicago, 7 people were injured while waiting for their turn to get into the lounge club in downtown Baltimore. On this incident the four wanted suspects,” said officer rich Worley.

Worley said the two gunmen got out of the car near the lounge of the club about 2 a.m. Sunday and began to shoot at someone who waited in line.

One person had a gun, the other had a rifle. In total, he made 19 shots. The victims range in age from 17 to 27 years were taken to local hospitals for treatment.

According to Worley, the car in which the suspects arrived, was discovered, but she was set on fire.

19-year-old boy died in a shooting in Minnesota

The police reported that one person was killed and 7 others injured in a shooting in Minnesota, which happened for several hours after two other shootings.

Shortly after midnight on Sunday, the police responded to a shooting in the Parking lot of the Dala Thai restaurant and banqueting hall in the Park spring lake, about 12 miles North of Minneapolis.

Several departments arrived on scene and found the victims, ages 19 to 38 with gunshot wounds. 19-year-old Chai Yang was killed during the shooting, 7 of the other shooting victims were injured, not life-threatening, according to a press release from the Sheriff’s office Anoka County.

Authorities are asking all witnesses to the shooting, who may have video of the incident to contact investigators.