In the way children take sudochki with Valentina Jamaica


В дорогу для детей беру судочки с домашней едой, — Валентина Хамайко

Activity 37-year-old leading “Breakfast. Vihidny” on channel 1+1 Valentine Jamaica can only envy. Former model, athlete, what he likes, with her husband Andrew Onistrat has four children and runs her household. And spouses cope without the help of nannies, drivers and other assistants. Only on the farm, they help the workers, and there is a woman who cleans house. Valentine prefers to cook herself and does it with pleasure, often indulge your family with a delicious pastry. She even published a book — “Licorice, nedilya”.

Despite the tight schedule, the family finds time to travel together. Recently they are all together — 10-year-old Child, 8-year-old Michael, 5-year-old Miroslava and 6-month — old Andrew- conquered the highest peak of Ukraine — Hoverla. Valentine shared with the “FACTS” of his experience of climbing with young children.

— Tell us how you decided on such an adventure and why, how to write your followers, “and pulled a 6 month old child to the mountain?”

— Why adventure? Before my husband and I climbed Elbrus. Climbing the mountain was planned more than a year. But never was: I was pregnant, the children are very young. Now is a good time: older children have already grown up, you can go on their own, and the younger Andrew can be easy to carry. Visited first in Lviv at Leopolis jazz festival Jazz Fest, and then went into the mountains.

В дорогу для детей беру судочки с домашней едой, — Валентина Хамайко

— How was planning a trip?

— Was organised by husband. Each had his backpack with the bare Essentials. The ascent began at six in the morning, when the rise more comfortable, the sun beats down. Coming back down, we met many people that have just started climbing the mountain, and realized how wrong they are, the pleasure of such rise a bit.

Our ascent took 3 hours and 20 minutes. Every 50 minutes we stopped for a 10 minute rest, snacks.

The hardest part was the five-year Miroslava. She was tired, he had to cheer, to carry her pack, lead by the hand. I loved how the children interacted among themselves. The elder sister led to Miroslav’s hand, supported her morally, soothed when she started to act up. Mike first ran to the top. On the mountain were all tired, dirty but very happy. Only Anduse a little scared of the wind and sand flying into the eyes. On the way back I was carrying it, and husband Miroslav.

В дорогу для детей беру судочки с домашней едой, — Валентина Хамайко

В дорогу для детей беру судочки с домашней едой, — Валентина Хамайко

— I think the children needed was this climb?

For me personally, it was not just the adventure I wanted to explore the Carpathian mountains, to show children the incredible beauty of the mountains. Another important result. It’s cool, they are so small. And already conquered his first peak.

In my example I wanted to show the children that very often people give up at the first difficulty. This campaign is a vivid example of how to go for their goals. Because first, there are the excitement and anticipation of something interesting, a good mood, as we had in the high forest. Then there is the fatigue, everything seems a chore, often I want to stop. And almost at the end, when to go is not so long, the forces, there is very little, you just want to turn around and go back. And so in life we throw at the halfway point of your business.

В дорогу для детей беру судочки с домашней едой, — Валентина Хамайко

— You frequently travel with kids?

— We are now on the road, heading to Odessa. My husband was there for work and we figured, why not spend a few days at sea when in Kiev is cool weather? To combine business with pleasure. We don’t have much time to rest. The morning starts with training: at the Solomiya tennis, the two middle children — acrobatics, because football and the gym is now a vacation. To avoid downtime, we found a replacement.

Travel with children from their birth. In the summer of 2014 we had the experience of the trip then with three children in the car in Switzerland, in St. Moritz. Younger daughter and was not.

— How to entertain children? Because in a way it is very boring.

— We basically do not take the gadgets. Much talking and discussing interesting topics occupied their mathematical brainteasers. For example, ask the number — Solomiya calculates from it a square, and Misha multiplies. If the kids are asleep, I try to go as long as possible. Of course, along the way stopping every half to two hours, so they can walk around, stretch, eat.

— Transport children in their seats?

— We have such a big family that all seats don’t fit in the car. Therefore, the elders just wear seat belts. Junior, Arusha, in the chair. He’s on the road behaves perfectly — eats and sleeps. He’s on breastfeeding, so there are no problems.

— For many moms it is difficult to get on the road with one child, I want to take everything that can be useful in a way. What do you recommend to take, so as not to drag a lot of Luggage?

— Be sure to water, wet wipes, diapers, change of clothes that can get dirty on the road, and a simple snack. I often take sudochki from home, but it can also eat at the gas station. Now available quality food.

— A few days after the birth of her son you came to work, began to participate in public events… As it is perceived by your family?

— In fact, I behaved and after the birth of her third child, just not advertise it. Even Misha came out. He’s only a week old was, and we went with him to the exhibition. For us it is not a problem. And Miroslava we months flying.

— Many moms think this behavior of children is unacceptable. What advice would you give to those who can not decide?

Me and the subscribers often wrote about it, sometimes condemned and even left rude comments like: “of Course, her child is not a pity, because a lot of them”. To me this attitude is incomprehensible. I consulted with doctors and understand what they are doing. In children from birth if they were born at term, healthy, feed on mother’s milk, rather strong immunity to year. They are well adapted. I’m not Kuta children, do not hide them from drafts and do not limit the time walking in the street.

— What are your goals right now?

— I would like along with the children to go to competitions to have their starts, we have ours. But so far it’s not working.

— You have achieved the desired result, returning to form after the fourth birth?

— I am very demanding of myself. Do not feel full satisfaction, another 30 percent should be modified. At the moment I am at an intermediate stage. I hope my son grows up and I will have more opportunities for training and systematic training in the gym. While they are chaotic in nature, can’t run. But do exercise at home, do crunches can squat while cooking dinner.

В дорогу для детей беру судочки с домашней едой, — Валентина Хамайко

— What the diet?

Is diet not called. For our family healthy food is the norm. We use seasonal vegetables and fruit that grow, and not overeat for the night. That’s the whole secret.

В дорогу для детей беру судочки с домашней едой, — Валентина Хамайко
*These are summer family dinners

To look good, you just need to love and respect your body, your health. You need to start with respect for yourself, to think you eat and what it may bring, move more physically and your body will definitely react.

We will remind, Valentina Jamaica being pregnant with a fourth child has led an active lifestyle, doing sports. After the birth of her son, she three days later, went to work, came down with the baby at public events.

Also large was the family of musician Sergey Babkin, whose wife Alice gave birth to her third child.

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