In the Western US raging wildfires: expected gusty winds and extreme dry conditions

As of the morning of 17 June in the United States, almost three dozen raging wildfires, and most of them are in Arizona, there is a mass evacuation of the population. This writes ABC News.

На Западе США бушуют лесные пожары: ожидается порывистый ветер и экстремальные засушливые условия

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The largest fire in the state is called Bush Fire, and its area is 513 64 acres (26 107 ha), making it the largest fire this year. The fire has not yet managed to localize.

Mangum Fire is 29 689 acres (12 014 ha), it was possible to localize only 3%. About 230 people were evacuated, while the North rim of the Grand Canyon is closed.

In Durango (co), East fire Canyon Fire continues occupied the area 2703 acres (1 093 ha), and at present it was not possible to tell, carried out the evacuation.

Fire Big Horn Fire near Tucson (AZ), 805 is 15 acres (6 396 ha), it was possible to localize 40%.

Avila also Fire County of San Luis Obispo burned an area the size of 400 acres (161 hectares), it is localized by 50%, the evacuation was canceled.

Eight States from California to Kansas are under the warning of possible fires due to gusty winds up to 45 mph (72 km/h) and very dry conditions. Especially in Colorado and new Mexico, where the relative humidity may be only 6%.

Long-term forecast shows that the hot, dry and windy conditions will continue, especially in Arizona, so firefighters will not be easy to fight forest fires.



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