In the “Women’s Quarter” made fun of Poplavsky

В «Женском Квартале» подшутили над Поплавским

In the new edition of the popular Comedy shows “Women’s Quarter”, participants delight fans with their forms in seductive outfits, made fun of the singing rector Michael Poplavsky. He became the hero of a miniature parody of himself. The young eagle played the Joker Tatiana the Dog, dressed in a glittery jacket and copying the characteristic manners and gestures Poplavsky.

В «Женском Квартале» подшутили над Поплавским

The plot of Mikhail Mikhailovich came to take the exam in the University culture. But the unexpected questions on the topic of his own creativity, brought the rector to the tantrums. The room literally exploded with laughter from the sparkling replica Dog. Tatiana admitted that she met her partner in the room half an hour before the shooting.

Despite the fact that I was not the first time parodied Mikhail Mikhailovich, do it in his presence — much more responsible and harder. But I think he enjoyed it, and he has not offended. To interact with him on stage was comfortable”, — says the Dog.

Sam Mikhail Mikhailovich behind the scenes, too, has confirmed that he rehearsed the room, and everything that happened on stage was improvised.