In the Zaporozhye supermarket cockroach “tasted” the sweetness

В запорожском супермаркете таракан "дегустировал" сладости

Store employees did not respond properly to appeal to visitors about the cockroaches in the sales area.

In Zaporozhye in Instagram public citizens shared a photo that was taken in one of the supermarkets. So, walking around the store the visitor noticed that the window next to the candy crawls a cockroach. Contacting the seller, she received no very satisfactory answer: “why should I?”.

After that, the employee of the store he resumed his work, not paying attention to the insect that runs and “tastes” of candy then buy someone from visitors.

For reference:

Today, for example, unpackaged loaf of bread, a cockroach could cause a lot of unpleasant and even dangerous to the health of things. Indeed, some representatives of this number of insects are carrier of many serious infections, including:

  • dysentery;
  • polio;
  • tuberculosis;
  • helminth eggs.