In this city, he can know the date of his departure. It can boldly be considered the capital of spirits in our country

This city can easily be considered the capital of ghosts in our country. What are we talking about?

 In this city he can know the date of his departure. It can boldly be considered the capital of spirit & oacute; in our country

According to the portal “Styl”, Krakow and the immediate vicinity of the city can boldly be considered a place where there are many magical and terrifying places. There are reports that indicate that the Krzysztofory Palace (near the Main Square) may reveal the date of our death. The Ghost of the Black Princess is to appear next to a small bone – the arch of St. Benedict. There are also much more chilling stories.

Krak & oacute; in the Polish capital of the spirit?

Fans of history with a thrill should definitely visit Krak & oacute; w. The capital of Małopolska can also be considered the Polish capital of spirit. There are so many legends and chilling stories here that it is impossible to mention them all. The writer and researcher of paranormal phenomena, Michał Stonowski, emphasizes that he himself counted about 100 haunted places in and around the city.

One of the places in Krakow that has a very bad reputation is the house on Kosocicka Street. The house was to be built by two brothers who would quarrel over the treasure they found. One of the brothers killed the other and, tormented by remorse, eventually committed suicide himself. It is their souls, who are stuck here forever, that will affect everyone who has come here.

It was decided to demolish the building in 2016.

Krzysztofory Palace

The Krzysztofory Palace, where the Krakow Museum is now located, is to be the home of the Black Lady, who celebrates her estate every day for a drink. midnight. Anyone who meets this apparition will hear her own date of death from her lips.

Legends indicate that this Black Lady is to be Anna née Branicki, who was the wife of Sebastian Lubomirski. You can learn more about the legends about this place from the video below.

What kind of haunted places do you know?