In this city now fined for that man lying in the street and “aggressive” demands money (PHOTO)

В этом городе теперь штрафуют за то, что человек лежит на улице и «агрессивно» требует денег (ФОТО)

Several cities in the region Metro Vancouver has started a campaign against “aggressive” begging, adopting the so-called “Resolution on strengthening of security measures on the streets.” Under this new initiative may soon enter into force, the fines for begging in maple ridge, BC. Maple ridge is not the first city of British Columbia, which takes action against begging in the form of regulations and fines. Although this might partly solve the problem, but also a matter of some concern.

In July of this year, salmon Arm, British Columbia, has become another municipality of the province, appointed the penalty for begging. Amendment to the Constitution allows police to issue a fine in the amount of $ 50 to anyone who sits or lies on the streets and asking for money.

And now this list of cities that have adopted such a law, appeared in maple ridge, although the penalty here decided to make twice as much.

As reported by CBC News, November 12, the city Council finally approved the “Resolution on strengthening of security measures on the streets”, which includes a number of rules. The offender will receive a fine of up to $100.

As reported by CBC News, beggars will be fined for obstructing the path of pedestrians. Fines will also be issued to those who asks for money even after they said “no”, “or otherwise has the” passers-by after the request for money was rejected.

The law forbids individuals to Panhandle within 10 meters from the Bank, ATM, bus stops, a kindergarten, a wine shop or store cannabis. Begging is also prohibited after sunset.

Mayor Mike Morden said during the October meeting of the Board that employees of public relations and the nonprofit group will work with the homeless to prevent such situations. Nevertheless, it can also be brought by the police and law enforcement officers.

The only Council member who voted against the resolution were Kirsten Duncan, who said that it only worsens the situation of this group of citizens. She also believes that if make the begging more complex, it will not change anything.

At the moment, a similar resolution was adopted maple ridge, salmon Arm, Quesnel and Penticton, differs only in the size of penalties.