In tights and a t-shirt: Podkopayeva showed how returns to shape after the birth of her daughter

Lilia Podkopayeva in September became the happy girl’s mother. The Olympic champion recovered really quickly after childbirth, even during pregnancy, she did not forget about sports. Athlete to Instagram to share a happy photo with the baby on hands and touches fans with his approach to parenting – she is convinced that love and care is never too much. In addition to Hiking, Lily still goes to the gym. By the way, my first day in sports it showed in the stories.

В лосинах и майке: Подкопаева показала, как возвращается в форму после рождения дочери

Lily chose a club by place of residence – in Atlanta, as evidenced by goodmatch for a short video. Gymnast goes on the treadmill and shares with fans impressions.

“The first day in the gym after the birth of her daughter. Under the catchy rhythms of Dima Montica begin to deal with the extra grams or kilograms,” said Lily.

She later published a photo after workouts with a motivating caption: “Sports power”. Lily posing in black tights and a tight white t-shirt, comfortable sneakers, and headphones. On the face of gymnasts there is not an ounce of makeup and she looks fresh and blooming.