In Toronto again, was shot down leaving the tram passenger (PHOTOS)

В Торонто опять был сбит выходивший из трамвая пассажир  (ФОТО)

This morning a truck knocked down a resident of Toronto when she came out of the tram to Bathurst, and many citizens are furious that such incidents without end happen on the roads.

Police were called to the area of Bathurst and Ulster about 8: 43 a.m., and after an initial examination of the scene a woman is not dangerous to life injuries were taken to the hospital.

Unfortunately, this is not the first such situation, and it is unlikely it will end this sad statistics.

Why? Because drivers and cyclists are not known to follow the rules of the SDA in respect of trams in Toronto, but it does not fight.

Today, the city Councilor Mike Layton wrote on Twitter about the incident, stating that he has previously sounded the alarm in respect of this problem before this morning’s collision.

He appealed to the Toronto police and TTC with the question of how they intend to rectify the situation.

But many residents of Toronto have confidence that they know the answer in advance: no…

Everyone understands that without the intervention of the authorities on the streets of Toronto are becoming worse.

And while on the streets of Toronto every day pedestrians are at risk , many are wondering what to do or what should happen to the relevant services have started to operate.