In Toronto on Halloween can go snow (PHOTO)

В Торонто на Хэллоуин может пойти снег  (ФОТО)

Making my Halloween costume, make it roomier to be able to wear inside a jacket if the occasion you plan to go outside.

On October 31 in Toronto, according to meteorologists, it is very likely cold, snowy weather, because what is left of the super-Typhoon Hagibis, flying across the Pacific ocean, will bring a large area of Canada cold, which can last for several weeks.

Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham predicts that within the next two weeks in Ontario and Quebec the weather will be dominated by a tendency to cold.

“The last week of October and beginning of November will bring the long period of colder-than-normal weather in the Great lakes region including southern Ontario,” – said Gillam in the forecast published on Friday.

“This model implies a greater probability of precipitation in the form of snow as a result of the lake effect in areas of the snow belt, what else can happen before Halloween”.

Gillam calls for potential snowfall “significant”, keeping in mind that we are not talking a couple of snowflakes.

Of course, things can suddenly change — that is the essence of the weather, but you still make sure your suit suggested the presence of a warm Shoe, just in case.

On the other hand, we have a warm weekend with temperatures expected to reach at least 20C by Monday. Such a gift this year will almost certainly be the last, so enjoy it.