In Toronto, predicted a drop in temperature and thunderstorms (PHOTOS)

В Торонто прогнозируются падение температуры и гроза  (ФОТО)

In Toronto, due to a sharp drop in temperature Wednesday is expected to a big storm.

Today the city has established the unseasonably warm weather, but it is, unfortunately, not for long.

The meteorologist predicts Canada on Tuesday, maximum temperature at 29C, which, together with high humidity, closer to 37S the feelings of the townspeople.

The national meteorological Agency reports that by Wednesday afternoon the temperature drops to 13C.

Temperature fluctuations can lead to deterioration of weather conditions in the GTA this afternoon and evening.

“In the afternoon in areas near lake Huron and Georgian Bay are expected short rain storm that precedes the arrival of a cold front”, – stated in the message of hydrometeorological centre of Canada, released Tuesday.

“These thunderstorms are expected to spread Southeast through southern Ontario during the afternoon and early evening. The city may be exposed to late afternoon”.

The meteorologist does not rule out the possibility of “torrential rains”, “frequent lightning and hail”, as well as warns of risk of “places separate tornado”.

Tomorrow’s forecast mentions showers and a high in the 19C, but the meteorologist expects that the second half of the day the temperature drops to 13C.

During the rest of the week the temperature will vary between 14C and the rain is likely to cease not till Saturday.