In Toronto staged a mass rally of discontent with the actions of Doug Ford (PHOTO)

В Торонто устроили массовый митинг недовольства действиями Дага Форда (ФОТО)

Hundreds of protesters came out today to the streets in protest against budget cuts mandated by Doug Ford.

Today, the day when the legislative Assembly of Ontario was opened autumn session, protesters gathered at Queens Park to arrange a demonstration, decorating it with flags and huge puppets depicting Doug Ford.

The interruption of the legislative Assembly, which was supposed to end in September, but was delayed for five months in connection with Federal elections, but had only just began its autumn session, she was interrupted by the incredible noise that staged hundreds of protesters, including loud music through the speakers and playing on various instruments.

The demonstration is part of a campaign “Power of many” organized in the framework of the initiative for direct opposition to numerous cuts of the Ontario government public services.

“While conservative legislators within five months of resting, the population of Ontario had tasted the results caused by the conservatives of the damage to public services such as health and education, the law on the right to decent work, equality and justice and health and public safety,” the site says, “the power of many”.

The demonstration was attended by representatives of many community groups, including CUPE (the Union of civil servants of Canada) and the Federation of labour Ontario.

Since the inauguration, the Prime Minister of Ontario, Doug Ford spent a lot of budget cuts, including reducing funding for several programs to help children, programs on struggle with autism, public health, education.