In Toronto the tunnel will appear in sequins (PHOTOS)

В Торонто появится тоннель в блестках  (ФОТО)

For the second year in a row at Yonge and St. Clair the tunnel will appear, fully embellished with sequins – the perfect place to make holiday photo to Instagram.

Glamorous tunnel is an 80-foot pedestrian zone, lined with 14 millions of reversible sequins.

I walk around in the tunnel, you can hold your hand on the wall and see how sequins are turned over, will change color.

The tunnel will decorate Studio F Minus, it will provide “an unforgettable holiday experience,” allowing visitors to affect how the space looks with the simple touch of a hand.

The inspection is absolutely free. This will open the art-space at 1501 Yonge St., steps from metro St. Clair.

Glamorous tunnel officially opens to visitors on 1 December and will be available from 7 am to 11 PM until January 6, 2020.