In Toronto there is a new Park near the waterfront (PHOTOS)

В Торонто появился новый парк рядом с набережной (ФОТО)

Perhaps the last warm days for walks in the Park now is, depends on how you relate with autumn temperatures, but residents of Toronto who are still looking for a cool place to spend time in the fresh air, can visit the new Park that just opened in the heart of East Bayfront.

Set around a grassy hill overlooking the lake, Aitken Place Park occupies an area of 0.3 ha along the promenade at the water’s edge to the East of Lower Sherbourne street and South of Queen’s Quay.

Offering walking rotating sun loungers, children’s Playground, fenced area for dogs and much more.

The Park was designed taking into account sustainable development and include energy efficient lighting, drought-resistant plants that are watered exclusively with rain water, and locally produced materials.

The Park will eventually be home to art installations from analog lights that mimic the movement of the waves of the lake in response to changes in the wind.

The Park is one of several recent proposed or completed updates to the city’s waterfront, and it can simply be a preferable alternative to Trinity Bellwoods in a Sunny weekend.