In Toronto there were t-shirts with realistic housing prices (PHOTO)

В Торонто появились футболки с реалистичными ценами на жилье (ФОТО)

Small brand in Toronto recently released a funny t-shirts that show how hard it is to afford housing in the city.

T-shirt, which shows a very realistic (and less fun) prices for apartments in Toronto, says “1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, downtown Toronto, 549 sqft, $2,100 a month.”

Ironic inscription illustrates rent in Toronto that “out of control” and offers instead to be sad about this, “to spend money, which is not on t-shirts”. According to the brand, considering that if you still have to feel overwhelmed, sad and living in rented accommodation with the economy, then it makes sense.

Promising brand, which has t-shirts with the design of the Parking ticket under the “janitors” of the machine, wants to pay attention to this world problem with the hope that people will start to take things a little less seriously.

If only the crisis affordable rental housing in the city was not so serious.