In Toronto to spend Halloween epic party in the style of Stranger Things (PHOTO)

В Торонто в Хэллоуин проведут эпичную вечеринку в стиле Stranger Things  (ФОТО)

If you haven’t decided where to go on Halloween, for fans of the series from Netflix Stranger Things (Very strange case) is a great idea.

This year for Halloween you can come to the party in the “shopping centre Starcourt” from the third season of the series, which will be in the scenery of the 80-ies.

On Friday 25 October, the hotel will transform the Mall from the show, and there will be a party where you can dance as Eleven (Eleven is one of the main characters).

Guests are encouraged to dress up for the party as their favorite characters from the series. The event promises plenty of cultural references to the 1980s, including various games and activities.

On the second floor you can find food court and shopping area where you can buy snacks and take a picture.

In the lobby you can enjoy your favorite tracks from the 80s, and will also run karaoke where you can sing the songs of those years alive.

Now tickets for the event are already on sale, if you buy them in advance, they cost $35 apiece. However, later the price will increase to $40.