In Toronto will appear on the memorial served in Afghanistan (PHOTO)

В Торонто появится мемориал воевавшим в Афганистане (ФОТО)

The Ontario government introduced the public to the new design of the memorial, which will be built in honor of the veterans and the fallen soldiers of the canadian armed forces who served in Afghanistan.

Memorial in honor of the heroes of the war in Afghanistan will be installed on the South lawn of Queen’s Park is literally within walking distance from the veterans Memorial Ontario, and will be of 40,000 men and women of the canadian armed forces who served in Afghanistan.

The design of the memorial was designed by the company PFS Studio with the participation of the Advisory group, led by General Rick Hillier, who commanded NATO mission in Afghanistan and was chief of the defence Staff canadian armed forces from 2005 to 2008.

The monument project will include a stone from Inuksuk, dedicated to the fallen, which was established by the canadian soldiers at the Kandahar airfield.

There will also be details made of granite and bronze, on which are carved the images of war that tells the story of Canada’s participation in the conflict.

Of all 158 canadian soldiers and 10 canadian civilians were killed during the war in Afghanistan, and about 2,000 were wounded.