In Ukraine, a new scheme of fraud with Bank cards

Fraudsters have invented a new way to steal money from unsuspecting Ukrainians, with which they shoot a decent amount with Bank cards.

According to the Voice, about a new Scam became known from the message in the Telegram-channel “Novin country+”.

В Украине появилась новая схема мошенничества с банковскими картами

A new way of cheating Ukrainians implemented through SMS messages to different mobile numbers.

The text message contains the news that a man wins a huge amount, for example, 259 thousand. Next to the “happy” news also indicates the number of a credit card and a phone number to call back to find out more and pick up a “win”.

Many Ukrainians, having received such a message, do not waste time in trial and not even think about that, could take such winnings and immediately call back to a number. During a call with a credit card will automatically be deducted money.

This Scam is with those who have a phone number linked to a map stored in the accounts on the Internet and the like.

To ensure the protection from loss of money with this method of fraud can’t even Google. Because many times this server, and, indeed, other major social networks like Facebook is at the center of the scandals connected with a drain of personal and confidential information on public display. As a result of failures on the server credit card numbers, hidden numbers became available to unauthorized persons.

From this it follows that if there are still people who are able to crack the security of the servers of the largest companies, the information people post to the Internet are not secure.

The Internet users are advised not to leave personal information on dubious sites to avoid falling victim to such scams.