In Ukraine against COVID-19 spent less than a billion

В Украине на борьбу с COVID-19 потратили меньше миллиарда

From the Fund of struggle against coronavirus on June 1, spent less than a billion – 693 192 229 USD.

Of more than 64 billion Fund to combat coronavirus and its implications as at 1 June spent less than a billion – 693 192 229 USD.

It is reported the State Treasury service and the Ministry of Finance.

The funds, according to the Treasury, received the Ministry of economy, trade and agriculture, and the Ministry of social policy.

Ministry of economy – 687 265 034 UAH 532 943 000 UAH for loans to enterprises, institutions, organizations and 154 322 034 on subsidies, transfers to enterprises, institutions, organizations.

The Ministry of social policy – 5 927 195 hryvnia payments to the population.

As of June 1 of 64,7 billion hryvnias is planned to spend during the year, more than 10.7 billion. They must obtain Ministry of economy, the Ministry of health and Ministry of social policy. The remaining 53 billion more was not distributed.

The Ministry of Finance in turn in response to the request of UE announced that as of June 4, of state and local budgets for the purchase of goods and services required for the prevention of coronavirus, has spent 2.7 billion USD.

2 of them, 54 billion UAH from the local budget, 672 million hryvnia from the state.