In Ukraine almost 20% increase in the price of domestic alcohol

For two years, the price of vodka, wine and beer in Ukraine increased by 17.7%.

This is evidenced by the state Statistics.

В Украине почти на 20% выросли цены на отечественный алкоголь

In particular, the vodka has risen by 13.5%. So, in December, 2019, a bottle of vodka 0.5 litre cost an average of 92.25 UAH, while in December 2017 — 81,23 UAH.

The cost of domestic table wine production has also increased by 13.6%. In December 2019, bottle of wine 0.75 l cost an average of 66,3 UAH, while in December 2017 — UAH 58,3.

Increased, also the cost of beer of domestic production — by 26.1%, to 17.1 UAH for a bottle of drink with a volume of 0,5 L.