In Ukraine began to rise in price petrol

В Украине начал дорожать бензин на АЗС

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Fuel at the gas station more expensive

Some gas stations in the Metropolitan area gasoline prices were increased from 1.20 UAH/liter.

In Ukraine this week retail operators of gas stations operating in the economy segment, increased prices for gasoline by 20-50 cents per liter. On Friday, June 19, Enkorr reports with reference to the monitoring data of Consulting group A-95.

The Avantage has increased the price of filling stations in Kyiv region and 50 kopecks./l: A-92 rose from 16.45 to of 16.95 UAH/l; A-95 and diesel fuel – from 17.45 to 17.95 UAH/liter.

BRSM-Nafta in the capital region have raised prices by 30 kopecks./l for gasoline only, leaving the price of diesel fuel at the same level: A-92 – from 17.45 to 17.75 UAH/l; A-95 – from 18.45 18.75 UAH/liter.

Motto raised the price of gasoline by 20 kopecks./l: to 16.58 UAH/liter for A-92 and 17,58 UAH/liter for A-95.

Network AMIC the cost of fuel at some gas stations grew by UAH 1/L. In the Kiev region, according to monitoring of A-95 was increased from 1.20 UAH/liter.

Fixed prices and in Kharkiv region. Here gas is expensive at the gas station Marshal 40 kopecks./l, at stations of the subsidiary – 50 kopecks/liter, and the Motto – 30 kopecks./l.

The newspaper reminds that since the end of March to beginning of may retail, gas station operators massively reduced prices following the import of quotations. For almost two months, the price fell to an average of 2.65 UAH/liter.

Earlier this week it became known that in Ukraine the price of LPG over 11 hryvnia. Retail prices for liquefied gas began to rise in early may due to a sharp increase in demand.