In Ukraine brought from Vienna Euro cash. The hryvnia falls, and banks preparing for emergency

Actively clearing the dollar becomes more expensive in the morning of Thursday, March 19. At the opening of the interbank market, its rate has jumped to 35 cents.

“Started by 27.77 UAH/$, and rose to 27 and 87 UAH/$”, — told “the Country,” Treasury Director of Credit Dnepr Bank Oleg Kurinnoy.

В Украину завезли из Вены наличный евро. Курс гривны падает, а банки готовят к чрезвычайному положению

Non-cash quotes managed to go even by 27.91 UAH/$, but after a few stepped down after the dollar sales of the national Bank. According to estimates treasurers, controller with morning sold $200 million, they were sold out in less than half an hour.

The entire foreign exchange market is the anticipation and even foreign exchange auction, the NBU.

His nalbantova promised during the evening meeting with the 50 largest banks in the country last night (March 18) — it was conducted in the mode of the conference call (at a distance).

The event was closed, but “Country” was able to learn about what was discussed.

At the meeting, the Deputy Chairman of the national Bank Oleg Churiy reported that the regulator has already purchased cash currency, and “plans tomorrow (that is today — Ed.) to hold an auction for the sale of currency in the clearing.” As of 12:30 officials the cache is not sold, but on the interbank market do not stop hope up for auction.

Cash currency sales from the NBU waiting in two stages:

  • on the first (today) — the sale of cash Euro;
  • on the second (no expiration) — sale of cash dollar.

They say that the supply of cash does the Bank with foreign capital, which then resells it to the Bank, and distributes everything on the market. According to rumors, the first delivery took place from a vein, and because of that brought the Euro (not the dollar), are now trying to agree on the delivery of the cash American currency.

By the way, yesterday from Vienna on the presidential plane was delivered to the Ukrainians. So, it is possible that it was brought and Euro cash.

This news was enough to loosen up in the cash market. The sale price of the dollar in banks not out on the psychological level of 30 UAH/$. Although many banks and put 29,0 UAH/$: including the state Bank, and OTP Bank, Sberbank of Russia, FUIB, Alliance Bank, etc. And the average price of “American” at the sale rose to 30 cents, and came to 28,50-28,80 UAH/$. However, narbekovas goal is to cash is not reached 30 UAH/$, and it is still running.

The redemption currency population is in the middle range 27,40-27,80 UAH/ USD (50 cents more expensive than yesterday).

On the black market the dollar is gradually becoming more expensive: the day began with 27,80-28,16 UAH/$, and left by noon on 27,90-of 28.22 UAH/$.

“Information about the cash auction of the national Bank allowed the currency to stop the rise in prices, and has a calming effect on the market. Not only cash, but also on the interbank market. We will wait for results of cash sales,” commented “the Country” of the situation financial analyst Vasyl nevmerzhytskiy.