In Ukraine continues to rise in price of fuel at a gas station

В Украине продолжает дорожать топливо на АЗС

Fuel prices go up

Fuel began to rise in mid-June at a gas station economy segment and gradually spread to other market participants.

In Ukraine network of filling stations OKKO, UPG and Avantazh raised the price of gasoline and diesel fuel by 50 cents per liter. It is reported Enkorr, citing data from price monitoring of the Consulting group A-95 Tuesday, July 7.

Thus, prices for gasoline a-92 and diesel fuel in the network of OKKO increased to 24,49 UAH/liter, A-95 — to 25,49 UAH/liter. Now they correspond to the prices at gas stations WOG, where fuel went up by 50 kopecks./l over the weekend.

UPG retail chain yesterday raised the price of 30 kopecks./l, today another 50 kopecks./l.

Stations Avantage a-95 gasoline and diesel fuel rose to 18.45 UAH/liter, A-92 — to 17.45 UAH/liter.

Continued to raise prices and retail operators, operating under the brands Mango, Motto, Chipo, Ukr-petrol and others.

В Украине продолжает дорожать топливо на АЗС

Infographics: Enkorr

В Украине продолжает дорожать топливо на АЗС

Recall that in mid-June documented increase of prices at gas stations economy segment. Then for 10 days the cost of gasoline at the Metropolitan stations, BRSM-Nafta, Avantage, Motto increased by 50 kopecks./l. Marshal during this period increased gasoline prices by 60 kopecks./l.

In turn, large chain gas stations have begun to raise prices at the end of June. Then at gas stations WOG and OKKO petrol and diesel went up by 30 and 50 kopecks./l, respectively.