In Ukraine during the quarantine employed 106 thousand people Petrashko

В Украине за время карантина трудоустроили 106 тысяч человек — Петрашко

During the quarantine in Ukraine through employment centers employed 106 thousand persons.

“The program of the Cabinet of Ministers “500 thousand jobs” acts. we have simplified the system so that the person, if not registered (in the employment center — ed), it is difficult to identify that he is unemployed. But, nevertheless, such a simplified registration is based, including, and on the creation of jobs. At the moment, for a period of quarantine already employed 106 thousand people. Is that directly through the centers of employment”, — said the Minister of economic development, trade and agriculture Igor Petrashko at the briefing.

He noted that among the programs of employment there are clear leaders, which successfully operate, and there are areas that need more Finance.

“Some of these programs are funded, part needs funding. Now working with the Verkhovna Rada in order for this session to unlock the so-called active employment programmes. In order for the employment Fund managed by the requests of local authorities and administrations to Finance people for temporary employment. So did all countries, particularly the United States, in order that man might be busy and feel needed in society. This program is not permanent, they change, and we hope that will be more permanent employment for the people”, — concluded the Minister.

Rada ratified the agreement with Denmark on concessional lending

As reported, the number of unemployed registered in State employment service (PES), as of may 4, 2020 amounted 456,8 thousand people, or 48% more than in the same period last year.

13 may the government introduced and began implementation of a plan to create conditions for increasing employment, aimed at overcoming unemployment as a result of the pandemic.

Jobs for 500 thousand Ukrainians are offered in 10 areas. This, in particular, road construction and transport infrastructure, industry development, agriculture development, digitization and archives, postal services, forestry, micro-enterprises and small businesses etc.