In Ukraine for more than half a million unemployed

В Украине уже более полумиллиона безработных

At the State employment center analyzed the demand in the labour market since the beginning of 2020. So the greatest demand for skilled workers with a tool that professionals in the field of trade and services. But the demand for doctors, economists and engineers was lower.

“The total number of vacancies in the database of the employment service in January-July amounted to more than 476 thousand units. The greatest demand in the labour market were used by skilled workers with the tool, working on the maintenance and operation of equipment, workers of sphere of trade and services, as well as unskilled workers. Significantly, there was less demand for professionals, inspectors, chemists, economists, engineers and doctors” — the press-service of the Ministry.

According to the August 3 506 thousand Ukrainians have the status of unemployed.

“As of 03 Aug unemployed are 506 thousand Ukrainians (including the commencement of the quarantine status of the unemployed received 395 thousand persons)”, — stated in the message.

According to the center for employment among the unemployed:

on the floor:

  • men — 211 million (or 42%),
  • women — 295 thousand (58%);

age groups:

  • 31% to 35;
  • 29% — from 35 to 45 years of age;
  • 26% — from 45 to 55 years old
  • 14% — over the age of 55 years;

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  • 51% — higher education
  • 32% — vocational education,
  • 17% General secondary education.

Unemployment is getting 426 thousand people.