In Ukraine for the quarantine period was 10 times more unemployed — Smigel

The number of registered unemployed in Ukraine has become almost 10 times more than before the quarantine. Assistance program to those who have lost a job, is still being finalized.

В Украине за время карантина стало в 10 раз больше безработных — Шмыгаль

This was announced by Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal at the Cabinet meeting.

“The number of unemployed people was now increasing and has increased dramatically by almost 10 times compared to the amount that was in the days before the quarantine,” he said at a government meeting on Wednesday.

However, he said that the assistance program lost their jobs, businesses are now being finalized.

In turn, Minister of economic development, trade and agriculture Ihor Petrashko said that the order of financing of the temporary unemployment will be submitted to the next Cabinet meeting.