In Ukraine increased payments for child support

C 1 January 2020 in Ukraine increased payments for child support for children of all ages. This is due to the increase cost of living and bound to it provisions. After a review of baseline subsistence level for children up to six years increased to 1779 UAH, for children aged six to 18 years old — up to UAH 2218.

В Украине увеличились выплаты по алиментам

Thus, given that the minimum amount of alimony is 50% of the subsistence minimum payments to kids of preschool age increased to UAH 889,5. Children from 6 to 18 years the minimum child support amount to 1109 UAH. This explanation was prepared by the Ministry of justice.

The maximum amount of support is 10 times the subsistence minimum, that is, for a child up to six years, the upper limit is set at 17 790 UAH, and for older children — up to 22 UAH 180.