In Ukraine is significantly more expensive higher education

In Ukrainian universities training is significantly more expensive.

As the Wave passes, it is reported Oswai referring to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

В Украине существенно подорожает высшее образование

Thus, the Ministry of education and science introduces a minimum price contract training for 38 of 121 specialty (indicative cost).

It is noted that for public universities and those private, that will receive state funding to operate will be the minimum price contract training.

Leaving the decision of the government, for students from 1 September 2020 at the most popular specialty contract training will cost not less than 60% of the cost paid by the state for budget places.

The good news is that these changes will not affect students who are already enrolled.

As for the cost of training, it will be correlated with the incomes of people in each region. If the price is higher than three average official salaries in the region, the universities will not increase.

Meanwhile, the Minister of education and science Anna Novosad stressed that the government pays for the education of the best students on budgetary places for fair prices, which allow us to provide a quality education.

According to her, the average tuition per student of the public sector amounts to 43 thousand, and the average price per contract — 16,5 thousand hryvnias. As for students-state and contract students, they study in the overall group, in this context, universities simply compensate for the lack of funds for contract students by students-state employees.

As a result, the education of each student underfunded, and the University may not create optimal conditions for learning and teachers work. The introduction of a minimum price contract allows you to make tuition sootvetstvetstvovat real cost of the University training of the student and will provide a quality education for every student, “said Novosad.

Thus, the minimum cost of training will be set only for the 38 professions that are most popular among the contractors.

It is noted that in most of those specialties, which students much more than there are suitable vacancies in the labour market. These include: law, Economics, management, political science, marketing, journalism, international relations, hotel and restaurant business, Finance, design, tourism, and others.

Hence the rule of the minimum cost of the contract will not affect other 83 specialty, namely: engineering, technology, Humanities, agricultural, natural, and pedagogical Sciences.

It is emphasized that the reduction of the contract value in line with actual costs of universities will take place gradually: in 2020 will account for 60% of the state funding for 1 student in the University, and in 2021 — 70% and in 2022 — 80%.