In Ukraine liquefied natural gas in popularity ahead of gasoline

According to the consulting group “A-95”, for the past three years, liquefied natural gas took gasoline 30% of the market.

В Украине сжиженный газ по популярности обогнал бензин

So, in 2019, the Ukrainian market of motor fuel in total was 10.8 million tonnes, reports Hvylya, citing the Commander in chief.

Of these, diesel fuel accounted for 7 million tons of petrol and 1.8 million tons and liquefied gas — a little over 2 million tons.

Domestic production of LPG in the last year amounted to 438 thousand tons – 22% of the total consumption of this fuel. The lion’s share of imports fell on Russia — 713 thousand tons (35%).

Next comes Belarus – 461 thousand tons, Kazakhstan – 312 thousand tons. 11 thousand tons of supplies had on other countries, including, in particular, Lithuania and Poland.

The advantages of autogas for motorists are obvious – low cost.

Before the crisis, caused by a coronavirus, liquefied gas cost 1.5 times cheaper than gasoline, but now the difference has increased twofold.