In Ukraine may be a new category of the population

The Verkhovna Rada considered a bill, which changes the approach to assisting low-income. Now the government needs not only to calculate the amount of payments, but also to encourage poor families to quickly gain “economic independence”.

В Украине может появиться новая категория населения

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The bill declares that social assistance would no longer be only cash assistance to vulnerable families and promoting their employment and economic independence. Such a change should be made to the law “On state social assistance to needy families”.

In the Ukrainian legislation introduced a new category of population – “non-working able-bodied person”. Such will include people of working age members of poor families, who for health reasons are capable of active work, but not work, do not serve and do not learn. “Working, but not working” is, for example, people who are working without formal employment, graduates who cannot get a first job, people close to retirement age, which also often refuse to employ officially, Housewives, etc.

Under current law, families with unemployed able-bodied persons, state aid is not granted. But in bill No. 2494 says that these families will be able to apply for social assistance. To decide on such matters will be state administration or the Board. But before their representatives would visit such a family will become the “certificate of inspection of material living conditions”. If the family is deemed in need of social assistance can be assigned. It is possible that in a smaller size than those families where all able-bodied members to work, but still a chance to get such help will appear.

However, do not expect that the state will just pay out of budget money to those who can work, but for some reason it does not work. It is possible that such people will be forced to “work off” the received social assistance for… unpaid jobs.

Bill No. 2494 contains a provision that unemployed persons may be involved in “unpaid work of a temporary nature”. Now to socially useful work that is usually performed by utilities or order the enterprises of other forms of ownership are allowed to attract students (in free time) and the official unemployed then there are those who consists on the account in the employment centres. However, such work is usually paid. Unemployed able-bodied persons have to work for free, performing temporary work organized by local Executive committees (e.g. on Saturdays).

Expert management of the Verkhovna Rada in the commentary to the bill notes that free works are unlikely to contribute to the achievement of economic independence.

In the current version of the bill the norm about free works similar, rather, to attempt to make “slackers” to work out the money received in the form of state social assistance.