In Ukraine may introduce a delay to cancel taxes and tax penalties

The Chairman of the Committee on financial and tax policy Daniel Getmantsev declared that at an extraordinary meeting of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine may consider the draft law on postponement of taxes and the abolition of tax penalties. The reason for this decision was the introduction in Ukraine of quarantine on spread of coronavirus.

В Украине могут ввести отсрочку налогов и отменить налоговые штрафы

About it reports RBC-Ukraine.

“What can be voted on in the first place, exemption from any and all liability for violations committed during the period of 2 or 3 months, including interest. ERU: exempt for 2 months self-employed persons from the payment of ERUs,” said Getmantsev.

In addition, until July 1, 2020 can be halted tax audits, also prior to this period will be accepted tax returns from individuals.

Also, according to Getmanceva, the bill proposes to abolish the quarantine period, the need to pay land tax and property tax, which is used in the business.

“In addition, the fiscalisation, which we entered on different dates, we propose to move for 3 months. We are ready for the morning to make those decisions in the courtroom,” he added.