In Ukraine may receive a tax on smartphones and TVs

The economy Ministry has allowed two private organizations (MIND and VAAP) to collect from importers throughout the country the remuneration for copyright content for each sold smartphone, tablet, TV and even office paper.

В Украине может появиться налог на смартфоны и телевизоры

As reports “Economic truth”, it can lead to more expensive smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, audio systems, hard drives, printers, and office paper by almost 5%.

Logic collection provides that every owner of a smartphone or TV downloads to your device music, movies and e-books free of charge and consumes them. This affects content creators.

To provide right holders remuneration importers of equipment should be included in the cost of goods fee for private copying and to pay the collective management organizations (CMOS), and she will pay a remuneration to the authors.

It is reported that initially the fee will be consistent with CMOS. Despite the fact that negotiations on this issue began in April, the results yet. The reason for this – a fundamental controversy between the parties.

The fee for private copying was introduced in Ukraine in 2003 in the era of analog devices. Then there was a copying of audio – and videocassettes, there was no technology for direct communication between the consumer and the author.

If the user has done the house a copy of the tape and passed it to friends, the author has experienced material damage. Therefore, create EYE, which charged fees contributions from audio – and videotapes, and equipment to copy.

Subsequently, technology has changed, but the collection remained. In may 2018, the Parliament adopted the law on management of property rights. The document proposes to pay interest for the potential copying.

If before buying blank cassettes meant that its something to write down, and now the acquisition of the smartphone or TV not guarantee download content.

In addition, the law “imposes” ordinary office paper and copiers. The collection is introduced for the possibility that using paper or copier will be made a copy of the book and it will cause material damage to the author.

At the same time, the European business Association believe such a collection a relic of the past. Another problem, according to experts, is that in MIND I propose to increase the size of the collection several times, which would entail higher prices for equipment and media, as well as impact on competition in the industry and increase the level of illegal imports.

According to research company GfK, legal resources uses only every tenth Ukrainian. At the same time, according to the EU Directive and the laws of Ukraine, deductions from the cost of the equipment is reasonable, if the consumer downloads the file from the legal resource.

36% of smartphone owners watch videos and listen to music, do not use them to store files, and only 15% of users of e-books print books the printer. Deductions want to charge all legally imported or manufactured in the territory of Ukraine of devices and media.

Director of VAAP Yuri Gandzyuk admits that the fee for private copying buyer’s payment. He argues that the margin would be negligible, because the importers lay in the cost of equipment margin 20%, and the retail network in another 60%. That is, if the device is worth 5 thousand UAH, the collection will cost 70 UAH more.