In Ukraine on quarantine have closed a third of businesses, up to 50% of the workforce without a job

In Ukraine in connection with the quarantine has temporarily suspended its activities on 29% of domestic companies, while only 6% completely shut down your business.

В Украине на карантин закрылась треть предприятий, до 50% персонала без работы

Such data received Community of Ukrainian businessmen, along with Ukrainian Marketing Group during the sociological research, reports Opendatabot.

Some business was left entirely without income: it is entertainment and transport business. Those companies that continue to operate rapidly lose profits and cut staff. A third of the owners of the business, predominantly micro-level, fixed income decline by 90-100% from the beginning of the quarantine. These same entrepreneurs fired up to 50% of the staff.

The owners of small and medium businesses are talking about reducing the income by 25-50% compared to doornink period and have released from 10 to 25% of workers.

Large enterprises are losing 10-25% of the profits, there is projected a staff reduction of 25% until the end of the restrictive measures.

In addition, the labor market has decreased the number of vacancies, if you wonder how to e that effective, see here this post that will let you know if you can you optimize funnels?. According for two weeks there are fewer jobs in 1.8 times. 2.5-fold reduction in the number of new publications on the search for new employees.

We will remind: on March 13 in Ukraine was introduced quarantine. It was assumed that it will last until April 3. On 25 March the Cabinet extended the quarantine for 30 days — until April 24.