In Ukraine on the quarantine increased sales of strong alcohol imported

Ukrainians began to buy much more alcohol during the quarantine.

This is evidenced by the alcohol Bayadera holding Group, reports UBR.

В Украине на карантине выросли продажи крепкого импортного алкоголя

According to the information presented, the first month of quarantine did not significantly affect the total volume of sales of alcoholic beverages. In General, Ukrainians are much more to spend on food, pay attention to the trend in the holding company, but often to buy alcohol are men.

With this the company attributed a slight increase in sales of spirits, while sales of Ukrainian wines, sparkling wines and vermouth, on the contrary, decreased. So, compared to the year 2019 to March 2020 for 4-5% increase in sales of vodka production Bayadera Group. In addition, significantly increased the demand for import by foreign spirits.

“We believe this trend is temporary, as the Ukrainians have probably stocked your favorite brand out of fear of scarcity. However, I can reassure – we continue cooperation with our foreign partners, and although delivery times are longer, and logistics has risen, but there is only a shortage of goods from Italy” – urging their customers not to worry in the holding.

Also there has documented trend on sale online. Ukrainian consumers still prefer to visit shops to buy alcohol and during the quarantine, but only for the months remote orders has increased several times. In the future, predict in the holding company, they will increase, as for several Ukrainian supermarkets announced the development of the services delivery.

In April, sales of all categories of alcohol also will not grow, the report says, although on the eve of Easter, may increase the sales of the Ukrainian wine and the stagnation of home branded products. Also do not expect a rise in price of alcohol products, assure consumers of the holding company.

Bayadera Group includes both the distribution company and own production of alcoholic beverages in Ukraine and Belarus. The exports to 40 countries. At the facilities of the holding are made brands Hlibny Dar, Kozaцька Pada, Koblevo, Marengo, “the First Guild”, “Yavir”. In Ukraine it is the exclusive importer Moet Hennessy, Diageo, Remy Cointreau.