In Ukraine raised the price of some foods

In Ukraine the cost of food during the week moved up slightly.

В Украине поднялась цена на некоторые продукты питания

As the Wave passes, this is stated in the report by results of the week the National Bank of Ukraine.

It is noted that the more expensive cereals, fruits and beef.

“In the last week the prices for food products increased slightly. In particular, more expensive fruits under the influence of supply reduction, as well as beef and some cereals”, – reported in the national Bank.

The swell also says that the change in the cost of food against which the state introduced the monitor, was insignificant and multidirectional.

It is emphasized that in force on may 18, he joined the CMU on state regulation of prices, under which retailers are obliged to declare in advance the growth of retail prices for a specified list of foods and medical products.

It is reported that during April-may, leaving data online shopping price changes on most of these goods does not exceed 3% for the week, and the price some of them even decreased.