In Ukraine, recorded the first death from coronavirus in Chinese

The Ministry of health of Ukraine reported that in Radomyshl died 71-year-old woman the day before was diagnosed with “coronavirus”, the BBC reports.

В Украине зафиксирована первая смерть от китайского коронавируса

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In the morning of March 13 the condition of the patient deteriorated and turned into a heavy. She was transferred on artificial lung ventilation, but in a few hours the woman died.

According to reports, close relatives, with whom she resided, and persons with whom in contact, are under the supervision of doctors.

The other two cases of infection with coronavirus in Chinese Ukraine were confirmed in Chernivtsi, both men of advanced age.

The Ministry of health noted that the dead woman was at risk. The older generation of people most vulnerable to infection by 2019 coronavirus-nCoV fatal.

March 1, the woman returned from Poland. The symptoms she felt on March 3, and March 8 called for the Church.

Cameras in the Church is not, therefore, accurately track its actions not work, from the words of the priest, the woman kissed the icon, and, perhaps, someone after it did that, too.

Now local authorities have established 26 people who had contact with her. All of them encouraged to stay at home in quarantine.

Father Miroslav says that in the near future, open worship will not hold.

Closer to Easter the priest with Bishop will decide how to proceed. In particular, whether to remember the Church services without the kissing of icons and other events that are recommended on 12 March, the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (PCU).

Subsequently, the PCU reported that the priest will be in isolation. In the Church itself spent disinfection.

The evening of March 12, local authorities announced the introduction in Radomyshl state of emergency.

In the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate called on the faithful not to panic associated with the spread of unverified information about the infection.

“But it is unacceptable to treat lightly coronavirus infection, ignore the instructions of doctors and preventive measures”, — stated in the decision.

Among direct instruction — observance sanitary-epidemiological activities in monasteries and parishes. One of the main sanitary activities in churches will be “the wide application of sanitary solutions to disinfect Kyoto (framework) of icons that follow believers”. Speeches about how to kiss to kiss the icons, the solution is not.

The second recommendation is the use of disposable cups for zapivaniya after communion.

If the spread of infection in a specific region in coordination with Church leadership are allowed to apply additional preventive measures.

In case of danger a sufficient manifestation of respect for the shrines (the cross, icons, relics) will bow without a kiss.

While personal greetings and show of respect between the clergy and the faithful, and also quite bow.

Temporarily advised not to carry the sacred objects from their permanent storage.

DNC notes that the implementation of these recommendations, there are no reasons to limit regular services.

While the Church does not limit and does not change the sacrament.

“The Church remains a special relationship to the Eucharist, the sacrament of the Body and blood of Christ, as the Mystery that is served “in the healing of soul and body”, and not as food consumption,” — said in ptsu.

A nationwide quarantine

On Wednesday, the Cabinet of Ministers has imposed a quarantine on the entire territory of Ukraine for three weeks — until April 3rd.

Among other things, the government proposed to restrict the holding of mass events, which planned the participation of more than 200 people.

At the same time, the restriction would not apply to events of national importance.

The Ministry of education has announced that until April 3, educational institutions — from preschool to higher — will not work.

In addition, the country will take a trial of external independent evaluation (UPE). It will be after the quarantine.

Also, the authorities will close down most of the checkpoints at the border and cancel flights out of Italy.





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