In Ukraine rose sharply “borscheva set”

In Ukraine sharply increased the cost of the food basket related to the so-called “Bordeau set”, and the cost of some goods has risen by at least twice.

В Украине резко подорожал «борщевой набор»

About how and why the increased cost of foods, told the portal “Ukrainian news”.

Expert Andrey Martynenko, representing “Ukrainian club of agrarian business”, analyzed the market situation of vegetable products and said what vegetables have increased significantly in price. According to his statement, beginning 12 March in Ukraine there has been a sharp rise in prices of goods included in the so-called “borscheva set”. In particular, the cabbage on the shelves of Ukrainian supermarkets are now worth up to 8.46 hryvnia per kilogram. Thus, the price of the product went up by 86%.

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This has added to the cost of other consumer goods. Carrot has risen to 8.1 hryvnia for one kilogram, the growth of prices for it reached 48%. Similar figures demonstrated by the increase in beet, the cost of which comes to 8.45 UAH per kilogram (the price increase of 47%). Potatoes rose by an average of 39%, it can be purchased at a price of 16.8 hryvnia per kilogram.

In addition, there was recorded a sharp increase in prices of some cereals, flour and sugar, consistently included in the list of popular consumer goods. More just price added buckwheat, which now stands to 55.61 hryvnias for packing, weighing 800 grams, which is 50% higher than it was a month ago. But sugar has risen by 9%, now it can be purchased at a price of 14.48 USD per kilogram.