In Ukraine rose sharply, the auto industry

According to Ukrautoprom, in August of 2019 in Ukraine produced 668 cars

In August, the Ukrainian plants were collected 668 vehicles, 42% more than in the same period of the previous year. It is reported by Ukrautoprom Association.

В Украине резко подскочило автопроизводство

All the August statistics for passenger cars was formed SKD Assembly of Skoda brand in the Eurocar plant. Last month, according to the Association, on Eurocare collected 553 machine, which is a third more than in August 2018.

The production of commercial vehicles increased from 1 piece to 34 (excluding AvtoKrAZ, which ceased to disclose information about their production from August 2016).

In August commercial vehicles produced Cherkassy bus and ZAZ, having made 26 pieces and 8 pieces respectively.

The August production of buses, according to the Ukrautoprom, increased by 45% to 81 PCs, most buses, and in August last year, produced Cherkasy bus (35 PCs). Behind it stands the Corporation Bogdan (19 buses), Chernihiv automobile plant (16 buses), chasov plant (6 PCs) and ZAZ (5 buses).

“Despite the impact of August, car production in Ukraine still lags behind last year. Since the beginning of 2019 was issued in Ukraine 4230 units of motor vehicles, which is 7% less than in the first eight months of last year”, — stated in the message.

All, according to the Association, with the beginning of the year, Ukraine produced 3619 cars (-7,5%), 80 commercial vehicles (-30%) and 531 bus (+3%).