In Ukraine, some retirees could lose pension

In Ukraine, pensioners, working, may lose their pension.It became known that it is important to know the Ukrainians, in order not to lose benefits.

В Украине некоторые пенсионеры могут потерять пенсию

Thus, it is predicted that in eight years of retirement will be able to go only half of the people over the age of 60 years. Meanwhile, the rest of the seniors will have to work until the age when they are already 63-65 years old.

Based on information from the Ministry of social policy of Ukraine, 45% of all Ukrainian citizens, aged 60 years, eight years later, will have to work until 63 or 65. Moreover, it is reported that Ukraine is located on the fifteenth place with the worst demographic situation in the country.

Unfortunately, it is necessary to clarify such statistics, which will greatly change our country in 30 years. By 2050 the number of people in Ukraine will decrease by 28%, and it will happen in the case that in health there will be no new reforms, and also if the mortality rate is not reduced.

It is important to know if the Ukrainians will not be furnished on the job officially within a few years of retirement they can no longer count on. The thing is that they work on an informal basis and go to other countries to work.

According to the scientist, Lydia Tkachenko, Ukraine has changed the structure of employment, and the amount of experience of those retiring will decrease every year. And it will happen due to the fact that sixteen years ago began to take into account only the number of years on the official job for which the employer pays contributions. In addition, the situation has changed in higher education. Ukraine has decided not to pay for University students. And if, along with graduate study in the University for 5-6 years, then retire to earn will be much more difficult.

However, the secret got out, how you can earn the experience itself, and then to receive a pension. According to information, it is possible to acquire months to experience. But it is better to implement it only when at retirement the Ukrainians have in my purse more than two thousand hryvnia.