In Ukraine suggested to produce medium-range missiles that can hit nuclear power plant in Russia (PHOTO)

Ukrainian economic and political expert Taras Zagorodnii said about the need of deployment of Ukraine’s full-scale program for the production of combat missiles.

“We must proceed from pragmatic reasons: to reduce their dependence on Russia, from Russian energy suppliers to complete the manufacture of weapons in the country, not to be afraid to build a rocket. I am advocating that Ukraine should start to build medium-range missiles of up to 2.5 thousand kilometers. Two regiments of these missiles, 200 pieces is a force, a powerful force that allows you to harm the Russian Federation. And it will be almost a nuclear weapon: one rocket will fly in a nuclear power plant on the territory of the Russian Federation, and it will actually be a nuclear explosion,” he said.

Zagorodnii said that in matters of defence and foreign policy in the administration of the current President Vladimir Zelensky is to focus on Israel. “We need to live the way Israel lives. He did not ask what to do – he follows its national interests. He never asked, wanted to build a nuclear weapon – created,” – said the expert of the Ukrainian edition of “Glavred”.