In Ukraine the doctors of the second and third link promise to raise salaries

В Украине врачам второго и третьего звена обещают повысить зарплаты

Yesterday at the meeting, the government adopted a decision to increase the salaries of the doctors since September of this year.

In September, all the doctors of the second and third level will raise wages.

This was at the briefing said the Minister of healthcare Maxim Stepanov.

According to him, yesterday’s Cabinet meeting was devoted to the solution of problems of medicine. In particular, the Minister noted that from July 1 will introduce a new package of funding hospitals whereby all hospitals that currently have a funding shortfall will receive funds to last year’s level.

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Added Stepanov, will be substantially increased funding for emergency medical aid of 1 billion 260 million UAH and increased funding of packages of programs for the treatment of heart attack and stroke, as 65 percent of mortality in Ukraine is precisely because of these diseases.

The Minister assured that funds will be enough to treat these diseases.

“Starting from September 1 will be increased wages for health workers. This applies to doctors, nurses and nurse’s aides. This increase will apply to healthcare professionals working in the second, the third level of tertiary hospitals. That is, we are talking about secondary and tertiary management of our medical professionals. The doctors wages will increase by 70 percent to their rate. The average is 3.5 thousand UAH. As 50 percent of the minimum wage will increase the wages of nurses and younger and 25 percent of the minimum wage,” the Minister said and added that the wage increase will also apply to interns.