In Ukraine, the faction of the ‘servant of the people’ expelled two members who ‘did not vote for necessary laws’ (PHOTO)

На Украине фракция 'Слуга народа' исключила двух депутатов, которые 'не голосовали за необходимые законопроекты' (ФОТО)

The fraction of “servant of the people” in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has ruled out Friday from among its members deputies Anton Polyakov and Anna Skorokhod because they “didn’t vote for necessary bills.” About it as transfers TASS, said the Chairman of the party “servant of the people” Alexander Kornienko.

“The main reason for exclusion of the deputies from “public Servants” is not vote for those bills for which there is a common solution fraction. It is a violation of the agreement about voting, team work on those issues on which there is agreement of all the factions,” – he said.

“If people systematically disagrees with the faction, why should we be together?”, – said Kornienko.

Excluded MPs voted against the bill on the opening of the land market in first reading.

The parliamentarians, reported to journalists about his dismissal from the presidential faction, calling it a political punishment.

According to Anton Polyakov, the exclusion of his faction is revenge for what he wrote in social networks about the fact that the head of the office of the President Andrey Bogdan threatened the deputies if they did not support the land market. Anna Skorokhod also links the decision of the faction that voted against the bill on the free sale of farmland.

Runner and Poles passed in Parliament by majority districts. Anna Skorokhod – member of the parliamentary Committee on energy and housing and communal services. Polyakov – member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on anti-corruption policy.

Now in the faction “people’s Servant” 250 deputies. For adoption of most bills need support during a vote of at least 226 MPs.