In Ukraine, the price of LPG over 11 hryvnia

В Украине цена автогаза превысила 11 гривен

Photo: OilMarket

The price of petrol rising for the second month

Retail prices for liquefied gas began to rise in early may due to a sharp increase in demand.

Over the weekend the retail network has increased the price of liquefied LPG in the range of 5-45 cents per liter. The average price of fuel in the country increased by 9 cents per liter – up to 11.06 USD per liter. On Monday, June 15, Enkorr reports with reference to the monitoring data of Consulting group A-95.

It is noted that konsolidirovanie network Private on average raised prices by 10 cents per litre – to 10.21 – of 10.26 UAH per liter.The biggest growth of prices in the network are recorded in the Mykolaiv region, where the group increased prices by 35 kopecks./l from 10.05 to 10.40 UAH/liter, and in Dnipropetrovsk (+ 25 rubles) – to 10.45 UAH/liter.

At the same time, networks OKKO and WOG revised prices by 6-7 cents per liter, and SOCAR raised the price to 46 cents per liter (11,78 UAH per liter).

Network BRSM-Nafta, avtotrans, Avantage 7, Parallel, Chipo, Motto, and other increased prices by 5-20 UAH/L.

В Украине цена автогаза превысила 11 гривен

We will remind, for a week from 5-12 June the average price of petrol rose by 40 cents per liter, to 10.97 UAH per liter for the first time since November 2018 price rose to the level of 50% of the price of gasoline A-95.

It was also reported that diesel fuel and liquefied gas in Ukraine may rise to a level where they will be the highest in Europe. This happens in the case of restrictions on the import of petroleum products, sought by oil companies.