In Ukraine the prices for cucumbers continue to grow

In Ukraine continue to increase the price of greenhouse cucumbers. Moreover, the rate of appreciation of the popular product this week has accelerated.

В Украине цены на огурцы продолжают расти

This is reported by analysts of the project EastFruit, reports analytical portal “Hvilya”.

The main supplier of greenhouse cucumbers in Ukraine at this time of year is Turkey, but the last few weeks in Turkey was marked by adverse weather conditions, which led to a considerable reduction of supplies of greenhouse vegetables to foreign markets.

In particular, at the moment, sellers offer imported cucumbers at a price of 52 to 56 UAH/kg ($of 2.09 to 2.25/kg), on average, 6% more than at the end of last work week.

Further rise in greenhouse cucumber market operators, primarily associated with the increase in prices for these products in Turkey. For this reason, the cucumbers on the domestic market has been low-volume batches, in addition, many companies in anticipation of the beginning of sales season in the local hothouse plants gradually ceased to work with the imported cucumber.

I should add that the price of greenhouse cucumbers in Ukraine at the moment are formed approximately in the same range as at the end of January 2019. It should also be noted, the first batch of cucumbers of Ukrainian greenhouse complexes plan to put on the market next week.