In Ukraine there is a new airline media

В Украине появилась новая авиакомпания — СМИ


In Ukraine there will be new carrier

The Airline company Bees back in February was going to assert itself, however, the quarantine prevented this.

In Ukraine there is a new airline called Bees Airline (the Airline BIZ). This writes The Page, citing a source in the market.

According to the newspaper, the official owner of the company is Sergey Smirnov, however, it is rumored, is the real owner of Tez Tour.

“The interviewee explained that the Agency first was the Russian capital. But now it’s the franchise network, which Ukraine owns Sergei Burtin, brother of co-owner Tez Tour Alexander Burtina,” — said in the message.

It turned out that Bees Airline in February were going to Express themselves, but because of the pandemic that did not happen.

In addition, the company wants to take two Boeing 737 800 that were previously leased MAU and returned to their owners during quarantine.

“Perhaps Bees Airline associated with the dismissal of the acting General Director Yevgeny SkyUp Janackovo. According to a source from the aviation industry, Hojnacki was going to go back in March. However, he was fired because he participated in the organization of the work to another company,” writes The Page.

Earlier, the new head of the SkyUp Dmitry Shorohov said that the dismissal of the former CEO Eugene Janackovo due to the fact that he “took an active part in the construction of another carrier.”

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