In Ukraine there will be a network of “smart roads”

В Украине появится сеть «умных дорог»

Photo: Ministry Of Infrastructure

The signing of the Memorandum on the construction of “smart roads”

The road will equip with intelligent systems that improve safety and efficient traffic flow management

The leadership of the Ministry of infrastructure, Ministry of digital transformation, Ukravtodor, Necessasy and the Ukrainian Internet Association signed a Memorandum on cooperation in the field of development of broadband Internet access on the road. On Friday, June 19, the press service Mininfrastruktury.

“The introduction of a network of “smart roads” is the future of the transport industry. And the first thing you need to implement this task is, of course, the quality of the connection, which will be held along the public roads of the state value,” said infrastructure Minister Vladislav Crickley.

Under the terms of the Memorandum, the sides will cooperate towards the implementation of intelligent transport systems and their arrangement on the highways of the state value.

In particular, in the procurement for the overhaul of these roads Ukravtodor will include customer requirements provisions for the development of broadband Internet access and infrastructure required for conducting the cable line of telecommunication.

“This will allow us to implement intelligent transport system, which is very important for improving transport safety and prevent possible accidents, traffic monitoring and efficient management of traffic flows,” said Crickley.

Yesterday it was reported that in Ukraine on the background of aggravation of the pandemic part of the money coronavirus Fund directed at road repair.

It also became known that the Cabinet expects to attract loans from the European Bank for reconstruction and development for road maintenance.